Portable Wi-Fi Router Rental Service


Portable Wi-Fi Router Rental Service for your trip to Japan

✓ Nationwide Coverage in Japan
Reliable coverage provided by NTT DOCOMO with 100% Population Coverage*
*Based on FOMA coverage: Calculated on availability of transmission service in local municipal offices.

✓ High Speed Internet Access!
Ultra-fast transmission speed of up to 112.5Mbps/receiving and 35.7Mbps/sending**
**For Xi (4GLTE) service area.

✓ Easy Order & Return in the US
No hassle at the airport

✓ Flexible Plans
Choose the contract length according to your stay

***Rental device may vary due to availability.

For more information, call us at 1-888-362-6661, or visit https://www.docomo-usa.com/en/router_e.html