Noto Penninsua, Ishikawa Prefecture
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In New York, February 22, 2008 Sakagura Restaurant hosted an introduction to Ishikawa sake and cuisine from 2:30-4:30pm. One expected a high turn out rate, but with the wonderful snow that had fallen, only about a third of the people gathered. Ishikawa prefecture sponsored this event for two reasons, one to attract more tourists to Ishikawa after its tragic earthquake last year and two to promote its specialty of sake, cuisine and crafts.

Sample Ishikawa Sake List

During this two hour event, Ishikawa prefecture delicacies were available for tasting.
Here is the cuisine list:
Menu-and-Chef Takagi’s biography

Ishikawa Prefecture Presentation

It was my first time to sample cuisine and sake from Ishikawa Prefecture’s Noto Peninsula. I was delighted to try these dishes and drinks. I was a bit surprised how the “ishiri” sauce was salty due to the squid base. Also another amazement was that the Ishiri-yaki had a similar texture to Chinese dishes.

The best part of this event personally was to meet the Ishikawa chef that prepared these dishes. As well as knowing that Sakugra will serve one of these special dishes to the public for the next month. So bring your friend and family to try Ishikawa cuisine and sake. By the way, Chizuko Niikawa, Sakagura’s Sommerier, was interviewed in March 2008’s Chopsticks magazine and did a great job presenting all the various Ishikawa sake to the public at this gathering. Plus, Ms. Takeda, the translator, did a fantastic work interpreting Japanese to English.

Interpreter Ms. Takeda and Chef Takagi