“No Tears” Tokyo Subway Navigation

A great new free app called “Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists”, available to anyone with a smart phone, now makes it a breeze for sightseers to search for route information for the Tokyo Subway system (Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway). The subway system may be likened to a labyrinth that can send travelers into a tizzy when trying to figure how to orient themselves and navigate successfully to their destination.


The application, which once downloaded can even be used offline, supports English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese, and provides its results, such as the route, time required, fares, etc. in a simple to understand format. Simply select the station, and the app will provide departure and destination stations, and it will also provide the best exit for the tourist spots you are interested in visiting (so you don’t have to wander around trying to find the nearest exit to where you want to go!)

This is truly a groundbreaking app that will make sightseeing around Tokyo even more of a pleasure!

For more information, please visit here.