High humidity encapsulating Manhattan on Saturday September 22nd, 2007, The New York – Tokyo Music Festival was still trying to get its groove on. Many sponsors had a booth, such as Japan Airlines (JAL), which had a kujibiki (Japanese traditional lottery) which were giving out Japan National Tourist Organization’s (JNTO) pocket tissues, flyers and Puffy posters. The most popular and captivating wining was the JAL cup-udon! One had to win a yellow marble to win that gift. Some winners could receive $50 JAL gift certificates and the top winner would win a special JAL model plane, a collector’s item.

View-Sideshow 1 includes:
Center stage, Japanese kujibiki at JAL’s booth (you can see those cup-udon in the far back of the table with the hot water pot), fans filling out surveys to be a winner, a sitting audience and skaters.


View-Sideshow 2 includes:
Audience dancers showing their moves, Teriyaki Boyz t-shirts, performers on center stage, center stage with a female audience who started to dance wildly with the performers and the NYTMF banner on top of center stage.

Here’s more info about the event.

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