Akihabara electronic town

I don’t know why, but when I was a little child, I was scared of Akihabara. I went there at least once a week , but it was just to transfer to Yamanote, Sobu, or Keihin Tohoku lines. I would never dream of going outside of the station.
To this day, I have been there only twice.

Many magazines and websites have featured Akihabara and considered Akihabara one of the hottest spots in Tokyo. The town looks different from pictures, but at the same time I wonder how much it really has changed.
Then I’ve found 2 videos on Akihabara on YouTube. One of them focuses on shopping in Akihabara while the other one talks about Akihabara pop culture. Both of them introduce sides of Akihabara that I’ve never known, and honestly, I enjoy watching them very much.

New Discovery of Akihabara (Pop Culture)

New Discovery of Akihabara (Shopping)

Though it looks interesting, I am quite sure that I won’t ever go to a “maid cafe”. But I can picture myself going crazy over the latest electrical appliances and buying everthing that comes into sight, and enjoying a meal and a dessert at Akihabara-ichi!