More Travel Awards to Japan

4 More Reasons to Visit Japan

Of course we would love for you to visit Japan. There is nothing more we want than for you to experience and share in the enthusiasm we have for the country. But in case our word isn’t enough, here are four accolades from ‘impartial voices’ recognizing Japan as a fantastic destination –

Reason #1: Heritage is Alive and Well

Visitors to Kyoto are often amazed at how modern and traditional architecture can co-exist. But keeping the historical elements alive takes effort. The Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration (KCCC) is on a mission to preserve traditional urban architecture in that city. To date, the KCCC has preserved over 70 homes, turning them into living museums, supporting their efforts through walking tours. And this year Travel + Leisure awarded the KCCC with a Global Vision Award, recognizing the organizations efforts to preserve traditional urban architecture.

Kyoto Machiya Historic Wooden Houses

Wooden ‘machiya-style’ merchant houses line the streets of Kyoto.

Reason #2: Culture and Beauty Thrive Side-by-Side

Kyoto’s popularity goes well beyond being a darling of the critics. Readers of Condé Nast Traveler have also crowned Kyoto as Asia’s number-one destination in 2013. After Kyoto became the top Asian city in 2011, the magazine’s readers confirmed the choice based on Kyoto’s history and prevailing beauty.

Both of these awards signify Kyoto’s long-term efforts and success in the tourism industry. Daisaku Kadokawa, Kyoto’s mayor, says the awards are proof that the international community appreciates Kyoto’s timeless beauty and the municipal’s efforts to preserve it. He adds that Kyoto city will continue to offer exceptional service and hospitality to visitors from all over the world to foster an unforgettable experience.

Reason #3: A Foodie’s Paradise

Japanese food continues to attract fans all over the world. And what better place to enjoy it than Japan’s capital city, Tokyo. Recently, SAVEUR Magazine recognized Japan’s largest city with it’s 2013 Expert’s Choice Culinary Award. Praising “the attention to detail from the casual to the luxurious” across the cities dining scene, Tokyo has cemented its reputation amongst SAVEUR’s experts. The city has earned more Michelin Stars than any other in the world, including Paris, and offers a staggering variety of high-quality cuisine. From multi-course kaiseki, the freshest sashimi, or streetside yatai serving comforting bowls of noodles, Tokyo dining has something special to offer every kind of foodie.

Kaiseki Cuisine

Kaiseki ryori, also known as Japanese haute cuisine.

Reason #4: Gem Destinations off the Beaten Path

The travel writers at The Lonely Planet are always on the lookout for the best destinations to experience natural beauty and cultural riches. And recently they selected Japan’s Hokuriku region as #4 on their list of the top 10 travel destination regions for 2014.  On the west coast of Honshu, Hokuriku is bordered by the pristine Sea of Japan and the majestic Japan Alps, creating a region of immense natural scenery. The region is also culturally rich. Kanazawa, Hokuriku’s main city, is second only to Kyoto in the number of authentic working geisha. Replete with history, Kanazawa Castle and Kenroku-en Garden, one of Japan’s finest traditional gardens, provide a feast for the eyes. And with bullet train service slated to begin in early 2015, Hokuriku will not stay off the beaten path for long!

So don’t just take our word for it. All kinds of travelers are recognizing Japan as a uniquely unforgettable destination. Please come see for yourself!

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