Despite the disaster, the majority of regions in Japan were not damaged by the earthquakes or tsunamis. Although Tokyo and its surrounding areas experienced periodic blackouts after the earthquake, things have been restored to normal. We would like to show you the actual situation in Japan through the voices of the people living in Japan!



Mr. Christophe Lorvo
General Manager
Grand Hyatt Tokyo


“Smiles for All”
Grand Hyatt Tokyo extends its deepest sympathies to those who have been impacted by the devastating earthquake and ensuing Tsunami.

hyatt.jpgIn response, we have launched “Smiles for All”, a support project comprising fundraising activities that hope to bring smiles to our guests and to the people impacted. Activities include the setting up of donation boxes, the donation of the full price of bottles of Hyatt’s original wine, “Canvas”, purchased in the hotel’s restaurants, and donations from charity accommodation packages and banquet sales. We hope sincerely that there will be a fast and complete recovery for those people and regions affected by the disaster and we will continue to send support in the hopes of bringing smiles to everyone.

Tokyo and Roppongi Hills remain unchanged and exciting city with attractive options to explore. Grand Hyatt Tokyo is fully operational to welcome our guest for their refined lifestyle experience.

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KyotoRev. Daiko Matsuyama
Deputy priest of Taizoin Zen temple
Visit Japan Ambassador

Greetings from Kyoto, Japan to our friends in the U.S.!daiko01.jpgThank you very much for your warm support and kind regards. Our long-term friendship between the U.S. and Japan has encouraged us more than ever. We, Japanese are grateful for all your thoughts and prayers.

Living in Kyoto in western Japan, we live life almost as normal: we have neither earthquake nor radiation fears. We have fewer visitors to our temple, but other than that, we enjoyed mild and comfortable weather in spring, with charming cherry blossoms blooming more beautifully than usual.

daiko02.jpgKyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, is especially popular in cherry blossom and autumn foliage season. However, my favorite season is May and June, when all is freshly green with a variety of flowers blooming. The weather is mild, not too hot, not too cold, and I feel my spirit emerges even when cleaning up the garden of our temple. This is a perfect season for traveling with highlights such as traditional Aoi Matsuri Festival.

Please come and visit Kyoto to enjoy its beauty and to cheer us up! That will be the greatest contribution to us. Hope to see you soon in Kyoto, Japan.

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KyushuMr. Taro Nakayama
Executive Vice President,
taro01.jpgIn our family-run Ryokan, a Japanese traditional inn, cherry trees became in full bloom only in two days this year, as if they were telling us to stand up for hope. We know we have to overcome difficult times, and we will never forget to be proud of ourselves as resilient Japanese under any circumstances, as long as these blossoms are here for us.

Fortunately in Yufuin, Kyushu, the southwestern island of Japan, we suffered little damage caused by the earthquakes and tsunami. We had a gentle spring and will have a balmy summer. As a long-established onsen resort, we can offer a Japanese traditional style of relaxation.

We cannot forget the tragedy, but at the same time, we don’t want you to forget the beauty of our country. I hope spring will come to everybody’s mind very soon and people from all over the globe will visit Japan to help us stand up again.

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