Manga Café

Manga cafés are places where, for a nominal fee, you get access to a huge number (often thousands) of Japanese manga and can spend some quality leisure time with the manga of your choice. Many cafés offer private booths and complimentary internet access and refreshments, which can range from light snacks to more substantial meals depending on the establishment, and some cafés also have other forms of entertainment, such as darts or billiards. Many cafés also offer art supplies so customers can try their hand at drawing comics. Workshops may be offered, as well.

While some cafés are “library-like,” meaning that they put a premium on peace and quiet, some are more of a social gathering, or entertainment space to gather with friends and share your mutual love of manga!

An interesting type of 24/7 manga cafés have popped up recently. One of them is called Nagomi Style café in Akihabara, Tokyo. This café is designed in the style of a traditional Kyoto inn; staff members wear traditional Japanese clothing and shamisen (A three-stringed Japanese traditional musical instrument) music plays softly in the background!


Whatever type of manga café you favor (there are over 1,000 located all over Japan), you are sure to find one that hits your fancy!

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