JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program)
JETAA (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program Alumni Association)

Again, another year has approached with more Americans traveling to Japan to teach and make an impact on Japanese society and on a macro cosmic level-the world. This is such a great opportunity for American youth to break through their ordinary boundaries and open their eyes to a foreign culture and language.I had the opportunity to attend this orientation at the Nippon Club located in mid-Manhattan on Saturday, June 16, 2007. The JETAA were extraordinary, leading the workshops to guide the newbies to feel confident that they would make that smooth transition and survive their year(s) in Japan.

Rob Tuck, President of JETAANY, speaking in front of tri-state area JETs

While these luggage tags were being distributed, I had a chance to briefly talk about Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) and our travel information website to Japan. This presentation was given after the Q&A session around 4:45pm, at the end of the orientation.

These are the JNTO-JETAA luggage tags that were distributed to the JETs heading to Japan in August 2007!
JET Pre-departure orientation schedule

T. Ishizuka