Japan’s First Multi-Lingual ATM Service

Foreign visitors to Japan can now conveniently make withdrawals in Japanese yen using debit cards, credit cards and other cards issued overseas thanks to the first multi-lingual ATM service provided by Seven Bank, Ltd.

Currently, Seven Bank, Ltd. has a Japan-wide network of 21,000 ATMS that offer screens, receipts and voice guidance in four languages (English, Korean, Chinese (simplified) and Portuguese). These ATMS will be updated by December 2015 so that the number of available languages will increase to twelve, with the addition of eight new languages (Chinese (traditional), Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, French, German and Japanese). When a card issued overseas is inserted, the language selection screen appears, making it quick and easy for the visitor to conduct the transaction.

The ATMs will be located in venues where there are many foreign visitors, such as tourist attractions, airports and train stations.


For more information about these ATM locations, visit here.