Dinner in Nagano

HAKABA SKIING and TOURS: The skiing speaks for itself with nine resorts in the area. Hakaba itself is not the most exciting town but it is the activities available close by that is important. Day trips to Nagano, Matsumoto Castle and Monkey Hot Springs will give everyone options to see and experience Japan the way they imagine it.


Dinner in Nagano

TAKAYAMA CITY and SHIRAKAWAGO: I am very glad to have had the opportunity to travel to Takayama but I do not feel it offered enough with its government house, float exhibition hall and shopping area to bring trippers here. On the other hand, the Takayama Hotel Associa is completely worth going to! Huge, beautiful and some of the most fabulous onsens you will find anywhere in Japan. The next day, traveling to Shirakawago offered the opportunity to see a UNESCO World Heritage Site where thatched-roof houses have been preserved along with their environment. Going to Shirakawago, having an authentic Japanese lunch and walk through the beautiful village was one of the most memorable and unique parts of the trip.

Submitted By: Carla Constantino, President, Space Coast Ski Club