JAL Booth

The Adventure Expo in Travel was held in New York,Pier 94 on January 12 and 13, 2008. Many organizations, travel agents, and airlines such as Japan Airlines had their own booths. A sponsor held a rock-climbing event. Japan Airline’s booth had a FUKUBIKI game, a Japanese drawing game where a guest filled out questionnaires. Some guests won Japanese chopsticks, USB cables of an airplane and tissues. Many visitors came to our booth and the game was very popular so the prizes were gone quickly.

Free brochures about Japan

We showed visitors the information about skiing in Hokkaido and scuba diving in Okinawa. Many visitors had not known that Japan has a great adventure sightseeing spots. They were really interested in skiing and diving in Japan. Some visitors asked us if they could climb the Mt. Fuji. I was surprised to hear that a visitor just went skiing in Hokkaido a few weeks ago and she told me the great experience she had in Japan. It was such a good opportunity to introduce them some other attractions in Japan aside from Kyoto and Tokyo.

JAL Booth

-Takatoshi O.