Hiroshima prefecture recently launched the “Fun Walks with a Professional Guide” microsite. It’s like a monthly webzine featuring places of interests in Hiroshima prefecture, one of the most popular areas in Japan for American travelers.The microsite contains an online virtual tour guide by local professional tour guides, detailed area maps, photo albums and much more for the conveniences of individual travelers visiting Hiroshima.

Vol 1. Kure City
Vol 2. Hiroshima City
Vol 3. Miyajima
Vol 4. Onomichi City and Shimanami Kaido Area

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Kure is definitely a beautiful city. And it is a good place to walk around especially along a beach. You can see beautiful scenery of harmony of blue sea and small islands. Even from the train you are able to enjoy these magnificent views. The train line from Hiroshima station to Kure station, takes about 40 minutes, so called “Kure-sen” provide you them.

Yamato museum is a quite unique one. You can see the world largest battle ship miniature model. Also you can see the real submarine and get into it. It is a rare opportunity. Also you can enjoy fresh sea food thanks to having Seto inland sea. And Kure is famous as yatai in Japan. It would be very fun for overseas people to eat at small meals outside. You can enjoy typical Japanese food there.

Enjoy a small sea city in Japan!