Hello Kitty in Cosplay

kitty011.jpgIf you’re interested in Japan, especially in its pop culture, you probably know “Hello Kitty,” a kitten character with a red ribbon. But did you know that they do cosplays just like their fans all over the world?

kitty022.jpgWhen you travel to Japan, check out local souvenir shops, where you’ll find Hello Kitties in hundreds of different costumes! You’ll find a Kitty climbing Mt. Fuji, being in Harajuku Girl style, or disguising herself as a fish dealer at the Tsukiji Fish Market. They may be embraced by a Big Buddha in Kamakura or dressed like a Geisha in Kyoto. They’re often sold as a pen, a strap, a key chain or as a lucky charm and are very popular as souvenirs. The costume or background always have something to do with the area you are in, historically or locally. Ask the locals about the meaning of the costume! It might be a great opportunity for visitors to learn more about the local area!

kitty03.jpgThanks to the Japanese “buy-a-souvenir-when-you-travel” culture and their affection to locality, such souvenirs can be found thoughout the country. Food is no exception. The love of food and locality has motivated Japanese to invent a new type of food from another. Kit Kat is a good example: Green Tea Kit Kats in Kyoto, Melon Kit Kats in Hokkaido, and Soy Source Kit Kats in Kyushu.

Hello Kitty is lovely herself, together with a splash of local Japanese culture, she may be the perfect souvenir for your trip!