I enjoyed participating in the opening reception for Ms. Naruo’s design last night at the Nippon Club. The clothing emphasizes geometric stitching and the materials are of very good quality, including silk and more. I felt a new pop and a traditional Japanese sense from her artwork. Moreover, one could try these dresses at the Gallery, which is a great opportunity for anyone to view this exhibition!

Shuka Naruo in green dress

Details about the exhibition:

Capa Wearable Art Alluring kimono fabric costumes by Shuka Naruo
For two decades, Ms. Naruo has been making unique articles of clothing from kimono fabrics that are not only beautiful in color, but are also light-weight, exquisitely assembled and seasonally versatile. Her innovative approach to sewing is considered cutting edge in the clothing industry and presents a whole new level of creative contribution to the design world.

Sample dress

Date: 09/20/07 – 09/26/07
Time: 10 am – 6 pm (10 am- 2 pm on the 26th / Closed on Sunday)
Location: The Nippon Gallery

Artwork portfolio

M. Fujiwara