Since most international flights arrive at Tokyo’s Narita Airport, I will discuss Tokyo in general. In no particular order, I would suggest Tokyo Tower. Convienently located in Central Tokyo near the gaijin-friendly district of Roppongi (entertainment district) and Ebisu (embassies). If you want a taste of Japan’s culture, go to Asakasa. Lots of temples and people carrying out activities as they were done back in the day. For bright lights and city life, Shinjuku is the place. Just outside of the main station is a place that I would like to stand and just take pictures. Harajaku is an interesting place because it has the Meiji Shrine as well as every cool kid in Tokyo’s hang out. Not too far from Harajuku Station is a great sushi chain called Kappa Sushi. Sit a booth and the sushi comes by on a conveyor belt. Take what you like and everything is 100 yen (roughly US$1). The futuristic district of Odaiba is a good place that requires riding the sky rail from Shimbashi Station. The view from the sky rail is awesome. On the way back you can travel by boat.

I could go on and on about Tokyo. Just south of Tokyo is Yokohama (Japan’s Chinatown, great eats!). A bit further south of Yokohama is the ancient capital city, Kamakura, the home of the “Great Buddha”. North of Tokyo in Saitama City is the John Lennon Museum.

Sumo, baseball and soccer matches nearly all the time depending on the season. Even a few preseason NFL games. Also, concerts ranging from favorites from back home and J-pop artist.

Picture was taken from Roppongi of Tokyo Tower.

Daniel J. Stone
Saitama Prefecture