DAY TRIPS: 6 Quick Trips To Take You A World Away

Take in the view from a soaring city tower or a mountain peak. Relax in a soothing hot spring, or see how your favorite products are made. Extraordinary day trips await you in Japan!

Check out this list of useful tips for one-day travel excursions:

1. Airport Layover Excursion


Long layovers don’t have to be spent cooped up in the airport when you can take a short train ride to stopover cities such as Narita, Ota City, or Sakai. Do some sightseeing at a local shrine without having to travel to central Tokyo or Kyoto.

2. Nature Adventure


For the price of a cup of coffee you can get out of the hustle and bustle of the big city with a quick train ride to Mt. Takao. Hike the beautiful mountain trails just 50 minutes from Tokyo.

3. Take A Tourist Detour

Mount Fuji Hakone

Planning to take the train from Tokyo to Kyoto? Why not break up that long ride by stopping off in cities such as Hakone or Nagoya and spending a couple of hours sightseeing on the way?

4. Rejuvenate At An Onsen

Hot Spring Onsen

Tired after a long day of sightseeing? Take a quick trip to one of the thousands of hot springs and bathhouses that Japan has to offer and relax with the locals in the therapeutic waters.

5. See How It’s Made

Japan Factory Tour

Take a factory tour and see how companies such as Toyota, Cup of Noodles, and Asahi Beer make the products you see every day. You may even get a sample fresh off the production line!

6. Enjoy The View From Up High

Tokyo Skyline

Most major Japanese cities have skyscrapers and towers where you can ascend to take in the view from above, including newer destinations like SkyTree in Tokyo. If you want the scenic vistas without the entrance fee, try the Tokyo Government Building’s 202 meter high observation deck which is open to the public free of charge and has a café where you can grab a bite while you enjoy the view.