CULTURE: 6 ‘Must-Do’ Unique Japanese Experiences

Sleep on tatami mats, visit a maid cafe, take in a sumo tournament and so much more. Unique cultural experiences await you in Japan! Check out these helpful tips on how to partake in some “only in Japan” unique travel experiences:

1. Stay At Traditional Accommodations

Traditional Japanese Accommodations

Japan is known for world-class service and there is no better place to experience it than at a hitou, or hidden hot spring resort. Experience the heart and soul of Japanese hospitality in a secluded resort where few tourists have traveled.

2. Sport Of Giants


Sumo has flourished in Japan as a spectator sport for over 400 years. Today you can watch Sumo at the 3 major tournaments held each year in Tokyo or the annual tournaments in Osaka, Nagoya or Fukuoka. And if it is not tournament season, you can catch an early-morning training session at a beya, or sumo stable.

3. Nurture Your Spiritual Side

Japan, Himeji, Zen monk meditating

Take in Japanese spirituality by staying at a Buddhist temple. Experience hundreds of years of Japanese history as you meditate alongside monks and walk the ancient temple grounds.

4. Experience Rural Life


Live the life of a Japanese farmer with a farm homestay. Learn to tend the fields and enjoy the benefits of a true farm-to-table dining experience.

5. Check Out Artisanal Crafts

Japanese Artisanal Crafts

What better way to experience Japanese artisanal culture than with a craft tour? Learn ancient Japanese art forms such a cloth dyeing, woodblock printing, and pottery from the masters themselves.

6. Sample Pop Culture


Take a walk on the modern side of Japan with a pop culture tour. From maid and themed cafes to videogame arcades, street fashion and more; experience the perfect blend of kitschy and cute.


photo credit: Sumo Prep via photopin (license)