Konnichiwa. My name is Yuri Kato. I was born in Yokohama, Japan. It’s the 2nd largest city in Japan, located next to Tokyo in Kanagawa prefecture. Now I live in New York City.

I am a publisher of Cocktail Times ( It’s a fun website, where you can learn all things cocktails and spirits. I have been running this site for close to a decade now. Prior to that, I worked for CNN, so I lived in Atlanta (their headquarter is there) before moving to NYC.


Through this blog, I hope to bring you some refreshing stories with a twist about Japan’s great liquid assets and waterholes. I visited many great places in Japan, when I was doing my research for my book. I hope to share these experiences with colorful pictures in the upcoming blogs. Kanpai!


5 ways to kill time on a way to Japan

Whether you’re taking a direct flight or connection flight from east coast to Tokyo, there’s no question, it’s a loooong flight. I’ve taken both direct and connection flights. Your ride can be a pleasant one if you make it to be. Here are some things I do to kill time on my way to Japan from New York City.

1. Get ready for Japan, in other words, have a drink.

Last flight to Japan, I took American Airlines.? They had this great Gekkeikan sake drink that came with a cap that works as an ochoko, Japanese sake cup.? Their food was great too, especially with great sake drinks!

2. Learn

Whether you’re going to Japan for business or pleasure, it’s good to know a bit about Japan.? I always use this time to do my research on the destination.? For this trip, I was scheduled to go to sakagura (sake brewery).? So I read a lot about Fushimi, Kyoto, where many great sakaguras are located.? I will share more about Fushimi later.

3. Little screen

Because I travel quite often, this is my time to watch movies.? When I want to chill, the little screen on plane is my best friend.

4. Time management

For those who suffer from jet legs, this is the time you really have to focus on shifting your sleeping time. Try your best to sleep when it’s time, so that you’ll be ready for Japan 100% when you arrive.

5. Read

We all buy those books, then we complain that we never have the time to read.? There is always something, someone running around you to distract your reading time, right? J This is your golden opportunity to finish the book you always wanted to!

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