About JNTO

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) North America


To build a nation on inbound tourism initiative and to further international exchange through tourism.


While contributing to the Visit Japan Campaign*, we will reach a goal of attracting 10 million foreign visitors by the year 2010.


JNTO maintains 13 offices in key cities around the world, through which a wide range of tourism-related promotions are carried out. Each overseas office is responsible for promoting travel and tourism to Japan; one of the most important functions is to help the travel industry encourage their clients to visit Japan. The activities of the overseas JNTO offices include:

  1. Providing up-to-date information on travel to and in Japan
  2. Participating in local travel fairs and exhibitions
  3. Assisting in developing tours to Japan
  4. Supplying free brochures to the travel industry
  5. Lending display materials, prize-winning films and video tapes for travel professionals to show to their clients

The purpose of having a separate website from our JNTO Tokyo headquarters office (www.jnto.go.jp) is to better customize, inform and emphasize our North and South Americans travelers to visit Japan. Hence, JNTO has three centrally located offices throughout North America.

Brief History

April 1964 JNTO established as a government-affiliated corporation.
April 2003 Visit Japan Campaign launched.
October 2003 JNTO reorganized as an independent administrative agency.
April 2004 New JNTO president, the first ever from the private sectors.
August 2004 Shanghai office opened.
December 2005 International visitors to Japan during 2005 post a record high of 6.73 million.
May 2006 Singapore Office opened.

The Visit Japan Campaign (VJC)*

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism announced at a round table conference of cabinet ministers on December 24, 2002 that the "Inbound Tourism Initiative of Japan" had been formulated in cooperation with other related ministries and agencies to promote foreign tourist traffic to Japan. The Initiative is based on the "Basic Policies for Economic and Fiscal Policy Management and Structural Reform 2002" (approved at a cabinet meeting on June 25, 2002).

In comparison to the 16 million Japanese traveling overseas annually, only 5 million foreign tourists, less than a third of the former figure, visit our country. The Initiative aims to lessen the gap at the earliest possible stage.

For the above purpose, a decision was made to launch the Visit Japan Campaign as a part of the "Strategy to Promote Inbound Tourism," which is one of the key strategies enumerated in the Initiative.

The "Strategic Meeting of the Inbound Tourism Initiative of Japan" was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on March 26, 2003 with the objective to unite the forces of the public and private sectors and initiate the Visit Japan Campaign, for which the Visit Japan Campaign Headquarters was established.

The Secretariat office of the Headquarters was then opened on April 1, 2003 and has started to take action in realizing the target of attracting "10 million foreign tourists to visit Japan by the year 2010."

JNTO Brochure [PDF]

"Your Guide to Japan" Brochure [PDF]

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