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1. Enjoy Japan's Local Sights


A quick transfer onto one of Japan's many domestic flights can take you to charming local destinations that are far beyond the regular tourist itinerary. Go off road and sample fresh sushi at a local port city, explore traditionally preserved villages from the days of samurai past, or simply take in the beauty of Japan's cascading rice fields in the countryside. Special "Visit Japan Fare" deals also offer domestic tickets across Japan for $100 USD* flat rate.

Discover more off the beaten path Japan
*Japan Fare may vary with tax, surcharge and exchange rate

2. A Taste of Japan Before and After


Japan's major airports connect hundreds of flights from the U.S. to areas all across Asia. Whether you're on the way to your final destination or going back home, stop by Japan to enjoy the sights, sample the cuisine or soak in a hot spring.


3. Quick and Accessible Airport Transportation


Easily reach the big city from major airports with trains, buses or airport limousines. High speed trains make it quick and easy to reach Tokyo or Osaka within one hour from the airport. If downtown is still too far, take a nearby trip to local areas surrounding major airports, such as Narita City.

Learn more about international airport access.

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