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Various Menus at Reasonable Prices

A young American writer, Robert Bailey, who has lived in Japan for two years says, "The easiest to understand is those shops displaying the menu with photos in their shop window. Since they often show the prices together with the photos, one can have a good guess on what they offer. Not only in Tokyo and Osaka, but also in other cities, people will not fail to find world-famous fast food shops to have hamburgers and coffee, or self-service cafes. So, it has become my custom to take a rest at those cafes in cities during my first visit." <Read More>

Osaka Affordable Gourmet

Osaka is famous in Japan as a foodie's paradise, but in this teeming commercial center and former merchant town, high quality and bargain prices go hand in hand. <Read More>

Eat Like A Local in Tokyo by Budget Travel Magazine

Homemade egg fried rice with beef, wildflower honey ice cream, and do-it-yourself barbecue are a few of the treats that make these spots popular. <Read More>

A Japanese pub, and no place on earth is more convivial.

Very popular wheat-flour noodles with a lightly seasoned soup at very reasonable prices as low as $2 per bowl.