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Celebrity Rush in Japan!


Celebrity Rush in Japan!

New York, NY May 27, 2011: More and more Americans are resuming travel to Japan, and the country has been a popular destination among international celebrities. Pop superstar Lady Gaga is heading to Tokyo in June for the Video Music Aid Japan (, an international music television event to benefit the Japanese Red Cross. She expressed her thought for Japan in the May 17 issue of METRO (, the international newspaper, where she joined as a guest editor. In the travel section of the issue, she noted that "Japan is safe, and only 0.1% of the country was affected and that we are doing more harm to Japan by staying away than by going." The article was published in all three US editions of METRO, distributed to New York City, Boston and Philadelphia.

Justin Bieber, another huge pop star, visited Japan, too: A day before his "My World" tour at the legendary Budokan, he made a formal visit to the US Embassy in Tokyo, and spent some time with Japanese children from the affected northeast region ( Justin stated that "it was a good time to come here (Tokyo)," and he exchanged a brief conversation with the Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner, Mr. Hiroshi Mizohata. His first visit to Japan was a huge success, and this reflected the energy of the Japanese youth to the US audience.

Japan's artistic community was happy to host the famed New York opera company as well. The famed Metropolitan Opera (MET) will travel to Japan for their periodical performance, regardless of the recent natural disaster. Peter Gelb, the chairman of MET, visited Tokyo on May 18th. Mr. Gelb discussed the importance of travel to Japan at this time, and emphasized that Japan is safe ( Mr. Gelb and his entire company will receive a warm welcome from the Japan Tourism 2 Agency, and from the local government upon the company's arrival at Nagoya's Centrair International Airport ( on May 30th. Japan has been the largest international audience for the company, and they will perform in Nagoya and Tokyo during their 3-week stay in Japan.

Other international figures have also visited Japan after the March earthquake, and they are sending message as witnesses of today's Japan as a safe and beautiful destination via YouTube ( Mr. Shuichi Kameyama, the Executive Director of Japan National Tourism Organization in New York, is thrilled that such prominent icons are traveling to Japan. Mr. Kameyama hopes this will spread a positive impression and understanding that Japan is a safe destination.

For more information contact: Nori Akashi, Public Relations Manager

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