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Nonstop to Tokyo, Haneda Campaigns

Nonstop to Tokyo, Haneda Campaigns
New York City, New York – February 24, 2011: Tokyo, Japan’s capital city and one of the world’s most frequently visited cities, is more accessible than ever: Tokyo’s inner city airport Haneda has been opened for international flights from the US, beginning in October 2010. For more recognition of the new services from the US cities and the latest airport facility at Haneda Airport, Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) launched an exclusive promotional website this week (, featuring special packages, time limited offers and promotional rates for nonstop flights from various US cities to Haneda Airport of Tokyo.

For the first-hand experience of the new gateway for the general public, the campaign also runs sweepstakes starting on February 24, 2011, awarding 6 round-trips (flights + accommodation in Tokyo) to Haneda Airport.

Haneda Airport has been Tokyo’s inner city airport, originally founded as Tokyo International Airport. However, all international flights were moved to Narita Airport as it was opened in 1978, and Haneda became mostly domestic-oriented gateway. Due to a high demand for better accessibility to the city center, Haneda Airport added a new runway and a new terminal facility in October 2010, both of which are designed to accommodate international flights.

While the latest train service between the central Tokyo and Narita Airport takes as little as 36 minutes, the fastest train ride from Haneda takes visitors to the city center just in 13 minutes.

Accommodating today’s global travelers’ demand, Haneda’s new international terminal building also houses multiple commercial floors with restaurants and gift shops, providing authentic Japanese culinary and shopping experience right at the arrival and until the departure in/from Japan.

For more information contact:
Nori Akashi, Public Relations Manager

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