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Japanís Extreme Hot Springs

Japan's Extreme Hot Springs
March 2, New York City, New York:  Conquer the challenging geography in Japan in exchange of breathtaking panorama in Japan.  The great feeling of accomplishment will be an once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Natural Infinity Onsen Pool
Some of Japan's mountains are serious: Steep, high elevation and occasional harsh weather. A natural infinity hot spring pool at the elevation of 6,900 feet is the reward for a 4-hour hike and all the pains of the journey to this 1998 Winter Olympic host town of Hakuba. Hakuba Yari Onsen is by a chalet that operates only during the summer, serving semi-alpinists enjoying an adventurous vacation. Take a dip in the natural rock tubs with this hot water at the cliff, and enjoy the view of nearby mountain tops, clouds below, and the infinity starry night sky. The chalet provides frugal accommodations with shared bathrooms and bunk beds, but the view from this infinity hot spring beats any luxury travel.
Facing the Wild Ocean
Almost a half-day long train trip from Tokyo takes you to a rather quiet small town of Aomori, the northernmost part of Honshu Island, where the ocean-side natural spa faces the wild Sea of Japan and rugged beaches:  Instead of lying on the sand, take a dip in natural hot springs right by the ocean, facing the wild northern waves.  The bathtub is curbed in the rock so close to the ocean that the wave comes into the bathtub when the weather becomes stormy.  This hot springs is the arena seat to witness all faces of the wild ocean, from the calm sunset to angry tidal surges.  (
Natural Hot Springs on Ice 
Hokkaido's Siberian winter contributes not only to the world class powder snow but also provides a unique hot springs experience. Lake Shikaribetsu in Daisetsu-zan National Park becomes a small winter village on the solid frozen surface with ice bars, ice theatres, ice wedding chapels and snow mobile paths, one of the most astonishing experiences is a make-shift round pool filled with natural hot water on ice. Not to mention, the mineral content of the hot water will warm and relax your body in the subzero air while you are surrounded by the open frozen lake and view of the deep forest and mountain ranges in the distance.
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Nori Akashi, Public Relations Manager
Japan National Tourism Organization


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