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Tokyo to Host the 2020 Summer Olympics


Tokyo to Host the 2020 Summer Olympics


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) chose Tokyo for the 2020 summer Olympics, expecting the environment conscious and efficient urban planning for the modern summer Games.


New York, New York, September 9, 2013: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has voted for Tokyo for the host city of the 2020 summer Olympics and Paralympics in the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Saturday, September 7. Tokyo won the bid over other finalists of Istanbul and Madrid. Tokyo hosted the summer Olympics in 1964, and after two winter Olympics in 1972 and 1998 in Sapporo and Nagano respectively, this is going to be the fourth Olympics that Japan hosts. The Japan Olympic Committee tried the bids before for the 2016 summer games, which wasn't successful.

As founded in the same year as the first summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) grew with Japan's Olympic history. JNTO's President Ryoichi Matsuyama takes this result as a significant milestone for the JNTO's activities and support for promoting Tokyo in the 2020 Olympic bid. With this victory as an important momentum for tourist promotion, he emphasizes on the importance of raising awareness and popularity of Japan's attraction for leisure vacation and international conference and events. He also states that JNTO will continue collaboration with local government to reveal more regional information and attraction to the global community.

With "Discover Tomorrow" as the promotional copy, Tokyo's vision for the 2020 Olympics focuses on their mature city developed upon latest infrastructure and safe and stable community for the best environment for all participating athletes and young generations, the city promises highly detailed planning and safety for the event. In addition, Tokyo is envisioning high-efficiency for the Olympics, which have been seen as high preparation cost. As characterized in many Japanese designs and products, the nation's capital is planning a compact Olympics: 85% of the event venues will be arranged the area within 8km (5 miles) radius from the athlete village. This also concentrates related events and activities in the city center, conserving all powers and energy for logistics and transportation. The city is highly confident for accomplishing this upon their punctuality, precision, and safety.

More eco-friendly considerations include reusing existing facilities such as world-famous Budokan, the Martial Arts Hall from the 1964 Olympics, also known for an indoor arena that hosted many global musical stars such as Bob Dylan, Cheap Tricks, and on top of that, the first Beatles' performance in Japan. The National Olympic Stadium, the main stadium for the 1964 summer Olympics, is currently under renovation for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2020 summer Olympics. Ryogoku Kokugikan, the home of Japan's traditional national sports sumo wrestling, will also be used for judo events. The futuristic Tokyo International Forum will also be repurposed from convention space to weight lifting venue.

Tokyo has experiences in sport events such as annual Tokyo Marathon, and cohosted the World Cup with South Korea in 2002, which both contributes Tokyo's advantage as the 2020 Games host city.

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Nori Akashi, Public Relations Manager

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