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The Islands of Wellness


Tropical Japan: The Islands of Wellness

January 18, 2013, New York, NY: Japan's tropical island, Okinawa, is so cultural and natural that you never imagine. Formally a separate Kingdom of Ryukyu sovereign the band of remote tropical islands in southwest of Japan, its location created the utmost wellness culture entangled with the elegant Japanese hospitality. There has been a quiet growth in tourism to Okinawa, while the number of cruise ships and international flights to Okinawa increase. Hotels are opening up to welcome those who arrive for special experience, and the hospitality is just one-of-a-kind: The mélange of Japanese and Ryukyu elements is the essence of relaxation and wellness, and it has been proven that Okinawa embraces one of the longest life expectancies in the world. Along with quiet beaches, blue ocean, and slow lifestyle in calm breeze, Okinawa's one-of-a-kind wellness culture has been making a quiet flow of new hospitality businesses into Okinawa. Expect unprecedented hospitality in the healing atmosphere with laid-back ambiance, longevity cuisines, and royal yet nature-oriented décor. With the openings of new style of hotels and resorts, less explored Okinawa has taken off for international luxury and adventure travelers.

The Hotel Ritz-Carlton Okinawa: The very first large international brand landed in Okinawa in May of 2012. The Hotel Ritz-Carlton has realized a perfect getaway for culturally savvy beach vacationers. Taking over the property located in the Kisé Country Club, the facility décor is the perfect combination of the historic Shuri Castle architecture from the 14th century and contemporary design. The Ritz-Carlton Okinawa appeals the Okinawa's nature and beauty in the universal Ritz-Carlton style of luxury hospitality.

Hoshinoya Okinawa: For more traditional Okinawan style hospitality, try Hoshinoya Okinawa on Taketomi Island. A Japanese elite resort management company Hoshino Resort Inc. touched down in one of Okinawa's remote islands, which embraces centuries-old lifestyle with water buffalo cart and orange tiled roof breezy houses. Hoshinoya succeeded in small village of private chalets in such a traditional architecture, all of which access to paradise-like shallow water and mangrove jungles.

Hyakuna Garan: Boasting Okinawa's natural beauty, Hyakuna Garan is the perfect fusion of Japanese and Okinawan style; red tiles, limestone and chagi wood. All guest rooms have panoramic ocean view and open window into the room. The facility applies surrounding nature into the décor for true relaxation.

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