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JNTO Marks Diamond Jubilee


JNTO Marks Diamond Jubilee


New York, NY, July 19, 2012: As Japan remains in the spotlight as one of the top destinations among American travelers, the JNTO New York Office marks its 60th anniversary in July 2012.

Just 60 years ago, while Her Royal Highness Elizabeth II of Great Britain proclaimed the throne, the Japanese governmental tourism division established the first overseas office since the end of the WWII in Rockefeller Center of New York City in 1952. This is the beginning of post-war Japan's tourism promotion in the US market, and the JNTO New York office turns 60 years old on July 21 this year. The number of US travelers to Japan in 1952 was 13,746, since then, the number has increased to 727,234 as of 2010. The 6 last decades have been as colorful as a history textbook with the addition of a few other regional offices, American public figures' visits, aviation industry development, international events, and cultural exchanges.

The 60th anniversary is a significant milestone in the Japanese culture, because the two zodiac cycles, one with 12 years and the other with 10 years, restart together again. The 60 years of JNTO's activities in the United States illustrate the ever-increasing friendship between both countries and grass-roots cultural understanding.


1952: The Japan Travel Information Office was opened as the New York office of Japan Travel Bureau.
1953: San Francisco office was opened (closed in 2006).
IATA accepted Japan as a member. Japan Airlines opened their New York office.
1954: Japan Airlines inaugural flight between Tokyo – Honolulu – San Francisco.
1957: Honolulu Office was opened (closed in 1985).
1961: Chicago office was opened (closed in 2003).
1963: Dallas office was opened (closed in 1995).
1964: The government re-organized tourism related offices and reshaped one organization as Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) exclusively for inbound tourism promotion.
The Bullet Train (a.k.a. Shinkansen) service started between Tokyo and Osaka (the top speed was 210km/h = 130.48mph).
The Tokyo Olympics took place
1966: JNTO opened Los Angeles office.
1970: Japan World Exposition took place in Osaka.
1972: The Winter Olympics took place in Sapporo.
1986: All Nippon Airways started service between Tokyo - Los Angeles, and Tokyo – Washington DC.
1998: The Winter Olympics were held in Nagano.
2003: The US and Japan marked 50 years of mutual relations.
Visit Japan Campaign started.
2008: Trip Advisor ranked Tokyo and Kyoto among Top 10 Asian Cities.
2009: JNTO officially changed its name to the Japan National Tourism Organization.
2011: The Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami hit northeast Japan.
Kyoto was awarded #1 Asian Destination in Condé Nast Traveler's Readers Choice.
2012: JNTO celebrated the centennial of the cherry trees gifted to Washington DC and New York.


Famous Americans visited Japan:
Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio visited Japan for honeymoon (1954)
New York Yankees (1955)
Elizabeth Taylor (1957)
Frank Sinatra (1962)
Boston Red Sox (2008)
Justin Bieber (2011)
Lady Gaga (2011)
…and 565,887 American travelers (2011)

For more information contact:
Nori Akashi, Public Relations Manager

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