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Ninja and Samurai, Oh My!

Who's that walking down the street? It looks like a samurai, straight out of a period drama! Have we gone back in time? Well, no, but now there are several history based theme parks and exciting tours that make tourists feel they've time-slipped back to the old Edo era, where they can encounter samurai and ninja in lots of fun situations, and learn about the history and culture of ancient Japan! Here are three great family-friendly tourist attractions, for locals and tourists alike!

Edo Wonderland


Come face to face with old Japan in a hands-on, entertaining way when you visit this marvelous theme park that faithfully recreates Edo from the Edo period. As you stroll along the streets of the park, you'll meet townspeople, including merchants, courtesans, old-world policemen, etc., all dressed in authentic costumes, and perhaps catch a peek at a fleeing ninja, or one engaged in a swordfight with a mighty samurai on Nihonbashi bridge! You might even dress up yourself in full regalia as a samurai or old-world fireman at the costume store. Visit museums, ninja training houses, learn martial arts and secret sword play skills. But remember to behave with proper decorum. For those who don't—Edo Wonderland also has a jail!

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Tokyo Asakusa Entertainment Bus - Samurai & Ninja Safari


Safari, you say? Lions and elephants? No, but you'll be closely following a samurai and ninja duo as they chase each other, comically waging a battle on the streets of Asakusa! This highly entertaining moving bus theatre plus street performance is a first in the world of Japanese tourism. On the bus, a bilingual DJ provides commentary as you travel to famous tourist sites—and then the mood changes as the battling duo appears! Running commentary, complete with song and rap, keep all safari members informed of what's going on. You can also take photos with the actors!

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Toei Kyoto Studio Park

This is the only theme park where you can watch period dramas being filmed. A set recreates a section of Edo from the Edo period in marvelous detail. Costume rentals are available, so you can dress up like the "locals" and maybe even blend in so well you'll be taken for an actor! Capture the moment at the park's photo shop or wander into the ninja mystery house for some mind-boggling visual tricks. There are also museums featuring anime, and wood-cut prints. Enjoy a wide variety of shows, take sword fighting lessons, or learn some of the tricks of filming a period drama! Have an actor give you a guided tour around the park—you may run into a street vendor peddling his wares, but don't be fooled into buying!

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