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Oriental Hotel Hiroshima Becomes First Hotel in Japan to Join Preferred Hotel Groupunder New Sterling Design Brand Reservations accepted from July 9

Oriental Hotel Hiroshima Becomes First Hotel in Japan
to Join Preferred Hotel Groupunder New Sterling Design Brand
Reservations accepted from July 9
2010. 8

Oriental Hotel Hiroshima (Address: 6-10 Tanaka Machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture; General Manager: Jun’ichi Araki) became a member of the Preferred Hotel Group (Sterling Design brand) on June 1, 2010, and will start accepting reservations through the Group’s global distribution system on July 9 (Fri).

The Preferred Hotel Group (Head Office: Chicago) manages 28 sales offices worldwide to provide its highly reputed customer-referral, marketing and technology services to over 800 member hotels. Its new brand category Sterling Design, which was launched in December 2009, aims to accommodate the needs of discerning, international travelers with a distinct taste for style by offering elegant and sophisticated, yet reasonably priced, guest rooms. Oriental Hotel Hiroshima is the first Japanese hotel to become a member under the new brand — and the ninth in the world to belong to this select group of hotels.

Through its new membership, the hotel aims to play a part in realizing the vision of Hiroshima Prefecture as a favorite tourist destination and to contribute to an increase in the number of international visitors to the city, while sending out information on the prefecture which is home to two world heritage sites. Jun’ichi Araki, General Manager of Oriental Hotel Hiroshima, says: "We intend to leverage the Sterling Design brand power and access our network of 28 sales offices to directly target the Preferred Hotel Group’s approximately 300 corporate clients and affiliated overseas travel agencies. Our goal is to raise the share of international overnight guests among our visitors by over 20% in the next three years."

Mark Simmons, Area Managing Director - Asia Pacific, for the Preferred Hotels Group, adds: "The hotel offers simple yet stylish guest rooms, bars and restaurants in the forefront of fashion trends, a convenient location and special amenities. I am convinced it offers guests the added value they deserve."

♦ Preferred Hotel Group – Overview
The Preferred Hotel GroupTM (Head office: Chicago, US; Chairman and CEO: John Ueberroth) marks its 42nd anniversary later this year. As a pioneer business solutions provider with a tradition of excellence and quality, the Group provides sales, marketing and technology services to more than 800 independent hotels and resorts, located in over 70 countries. Its five established brands each represent a range of worldwide first-class hotels.

Preferred Hotels® & Resorts (
Preferred Boutique™ (
Summit Hotels & ResortsTM (
Sterling Hotels™ (
Historic Hotels® (

The brand category Sterling Design (, which Oriental Hotel Hiroshima now represents, was newly established just last year. It is positioned as an elite worldwide group of nine elegant and charming hotels.

♦ Oriental Hotel Hiroshima – Overview (
Guided by the concept of " Sophistication — An intelligent space where " life and culture resonate," conveying the culture of Hiroshima, and providing a venue for guests in search of refined art, design, music or food, Hiroshima Oriental Hotel opened its doors to the public on October 1, 2006.

A large number of designers, including Shigeru Uchida, joined forces to bring the " Sophistication concept to life and create the hotel s distinct sense of space, which is reflected in its interior design.

The hotel lobby features the work of sculptor Nobuo Sekine. The lobby chandelier and the ceiling decoration in the modern Italian restaurant Moon Glow on the 23rd floor were created by the Czech architect Borek Sipek. The mural in the chapel was painted by Katsuhiko Hibino, and the wall surface of the restaurant and bar New York Café displays the work of photographer Toshi Matsuo.

The guest rooms, which feature a stylish arrangement with a sofa and table designed by Shigeru Uchida, offer original amenities such as plant extract-based bath products designed by phytotherapist Atsuko Morita, waffle-fabric pajamas by fashion designer Minako Yokomori, and bamboo towels produced from eco-friendly natural fabrics distinguished by excellent moisture absorption.

The remarkable Oriental Design Gallery inside the hotel displays the work of artists from all over the world and holds design, furniture and craftwork exhibitions at regular six-week intervals. On the first day of each exhibition, the hotel organizes a gallery discussion with the artists and a reception party, free of charge and open to all.

Pursuing a unique approach to music, the hotel invites original musicians who pursue their own styles. It also organizes Chapel Concerts, using its own hotel chapel with a capacity for up to 80 people, and holds Kawanomachi Meetings, events where up to 300 artists meet in Kawanomachi (Hiroshima) to freely talk and sing about Hiroshima.

As of June, 2010, the hotel had organized a total of 16 Chapel Concerts and 5 Kawanomachi Meetings. Going forward, the hotel intends to further solidify its reputation as a dynamic venue promoting culture, where guests make new discoveries on every visit.

♦ Main Hotel Facilities
Guest rooms: 227 Restaurants: 4 (Restaurant & Bar New York Café, French restaurant Ozawa, Japanese restaurant Mitsuki, modern Italian restaurant Moon Glow) Banquet Halls: 6 (Oriental Ball Room: 330 m2; Astraea Room: 56 m2; Rainbow Room: 264 m2; Themis Room: 56 m2; Tsubaki: 99 m2; Aoi: 52 m2 Chapel / La Quan Wa treatment and spa facility Lebois / Wedding dress rental Charme / Beauty salon W. / Photo studio Allure / Oriental Design Gallery




modern Italian restaurant MOON GLOW


1F Restaurant & Bar NEW YORK CAFE

Chapel Concert

Kawanomachi Meetings

Munenori Osako Sales & Marketing Division, Oriental Hotel Hiroshima
TEL:082-240-5111 FAX:082-240-5565 E-mail:

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