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Mori Building City Air Services helicopter shuttle from Narita to the heart of Tokyo - New lower fares from April 2010

[Mori Building City Air Services] New lower fares started  from April 2010, at ¥45,000 per person one-way

Adding business partners and opening this service to business class passengers will increase the number of people who can use the service.

Starting on April 1st, Mori Building City Air Service Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as ‘MCAS’) will decrease the fares of the “Narita Airline Connection Service,” which has been in great demand since it was established in September 2009, in order to allow a wider range of customers to use this service. New fares are very reasonable at ¥45,000/person for a one-way trip on both the Hermes edition and the standard model helicopters, and ¥75,000/person for round trip travel.

[Previous fares]
Standard model helicopter: One-way - ¥50,000/person, Round Trip - ¥90,000/person
Hermes edition helicopter: One-way - ¥75,000/person, Round Trip - ¥135,000/person

[New fares starting on April 1, 2010]
One-way - ¥45,000/person, Round Trip - ¥75,000/person
* ¥120,000/one way to charter

New Business Alliance with Japan Airlines and The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
Japan Airlines (for first and business class passengers from April 1st) and The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo (from March 8th) are now officially joining in partnership with MCAS. Along with other partners, this network now includes a total of five airlines and five hotels, whose participation enriches the service and makes it more widely available to travelers.

All Nippon Airways Expands the Helicopter Service to Business Class Passengers
From April 1, 2010, All Nippon Airways will expand this service to business class passengers, new business partner Japan Airlines is also doing from the start. With this expansion, it is expected that more airline passengers will use thehelicopter service in the future (generally business class has about ten times more seats than first class).
<New business partners> Japan Airlines, The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
<Details of the business alliance> All Nippon Airways expands the service to its business class passengers
Between the launch of the helicopter service on September 16th, 2009, and the end of February 2010, about 940 people had used the service. With new fares, expanded partnerships, and free service provided to business class passengers, MCAS hopes to further promote this helicopter service, particularly to foreign executives visiting from overseas.

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