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MIHO MUSEUM 2010 Spring News

MIHO GRANDAMA Arte della Luce (North Wing)
Spring Special Exhibition: March 13 through June 6, 2010
- The heart that seeks beauty -

When I.M.Pei, designer of the Miho Museum, visited Shigaraki for the first time, Mihoko Koyama, founder of the museum, greeted him with special hospitality, displaying for his pleasure such treasures as a relief plaque depicting a flying celestial being long passed down at Kofukuji temple, and a ladle once used to sprinkle sanctified water during the Shumie (Omizutori) rituals at Todaiji temple, festooned with a white camellia of the season. Delighted by the founder's thoughtfulness, Pei later designed the beautiful Bell Tower that now rings out from deep in the forests of the Shigaraki mountains.On the day of his first visit, Pei and Koyama established a firm union of minds, a union transcending the barriers of language and culture, through their shared appreciation of beauty,. Koyama's determination to "make the world peaceful and beautiful through outstanding art" led to the birth of the museum designed on the motif of Shangri-La.This is the starting point of Miho Museum: The heart that seeks beauty.

Tourist Attractions around Miho Museum

Three-branched Waterfall(Misuji-No-Taki) Weeping Cherry Tree in Hata District
Tokai Nature Trail passes along the local Tashiro River.The water branches into three ways, cutting through the nice, clean air.Please stop by at the sign to have a wonderful view on the waterfall. Tree's estimated age is 400 years old. Full blossom is expected in mid-April.Hata is a nearby district in Shigaraki

Shigaraki Township Art Festival Open: October 1 - November 23 of 2010
Ceramics in Shigaraki has a history of over a thousand years. International travelers will walk around traditional streets to visit local kilns. This festival transforms the whole town to a field museum and exhibits various works of art. Please visit the website:

1300th Anniversary of Heijo Capital Palace
Period: January 1—December 31 of 2010
Weeping Cherry Tree in Hata District
This year marks the 1300th anniversary of the shifting of capital to Heijo, Nara. The start of its trade with other East Asian countries developed Nara into the first international city. Celebration includes anniversary ceremony and other interesting events. Please refer to the website: Present estate was built in the 17th century as a private home of Mochizuki family, who led 53 clans of Koka samurai and ruled the Izumo area. The exterior may look like an ordinary Japanese house, but the interior shows Ninja characteristics. Please find out more.
Address: 2331 Ryuhoushi, Kohnan-cho, Koka-shi, Shiga 520-33 Japan


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