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Debut of ANA’s new brand “Inspiration of Japan”

ANA launched its new brand "Inspiration of Japan," starting from April 2010, on its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, beginning on Tokyo-North America followed by Tokyo-Europe routes.

Under the "Inspiration of Japan" brand umbrella, ANA will be renewing its international products and services in the months and years ahead with the motto "Innovative, unique, and inspired by modern Japan."

Implementation schedule

Date of implementation: April 19, 2010
Corresponding aircraft: new model aircrafts of 777-300ER
No. of seats: First/8, Business/68, Premium Economy/24, Economy/112
Corresponding routes: Narita-New York (*note: planned to fly every other day through May 9, and daily from May 10, 2010)

New Services at Narita Airport

~for First Class Passengers and ANA Diamond Service Members~

Check-in: ANA SUITE CHECK-IN (to be opened in autumn, 2010)
-Passenger check-in, luggage check-in, and security check all done at a single location

Lounges: ANA SUITE LOUNGE (renewal in February 2010)
-Passenger check-in, luggage check-in, and security check all done at a single location
-Offering facilities such as business area, relaxation area, and shower rooms

New Services for First Class

Name of new seats: "ANA FIRST SQUARE"
Seating layout: 1-2-1
Personal TV monitor: 23-inch wide screen LCD (largest in class)
-Private room: Partitions taller than conventional ones surrounding individual seats to enhance personalized space
-Simple, elegant décor featuring texture: Creating calm, sophisticated ambience using materials such as machined aluminum and wood grain design wallpaper
-Ample storage: Offering generous space to store jackets and other personal belongings

In-flight service:
-Offering refined a la carte menus, using selective quality ingredients, exclusively for First Class guests
-Passengers are free to select their preferred items from the menu, when and how much they feel like eating, depending on appetite and how they wish to spend their time onboard
-Passengers can order from a touch-screen on their personal TV monitor (*service starting April 2010)
-Bedding amenities in cabin feature AquaTitan processing technology exclusively developed by Phiten

ANA FIRST SQUARE Image of First Class Meal Amenities
*The photographs are images, and it will differ according to routes and seasons

New Services for Business Class

Name of new seats: "ANA BUSINESS STAGGERED"
Seating layout: 1-2-1
Personal TV monitor: 17-inch wide screen LCD (largest in class)
-Staggered seats: Seats arranged in staggered layout in order to secure personal space (adding 50% more room compared to conventional layout)
-Access to aisle from every seat: Passengers now able to access aisle from any seat
-Full-flat seats: Quality rest on our highly comfortable full-flat seats


In-Flight Service: "My Style, My Space"
Relax: ~Featuring our full-flat seats, which allow to rest in complete bed-style seating~
-Supporting a restful sleep: Bedding amenities in our cabin feature AquaTitan processing technology exclusively developed by Phiten
-Aromatherapy items also available to help passengers get a restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed
-We have also redesigned our comfort amenities such as cabinwear and sleepwear
-Passengers can select and create their own menu from selections of more than 30 a la carte, all depending on customer's appetite. Passengers can enjoy meals when they please, by simply letting the cabin attendants know when they feel like dining, or order from a touch-screen on their personal TV monitor. (*touch-screen service starting April 2010)

Examples of meal and drink


-Secured roomy office space via newly installed wide sliding table (50% more space than before). On the large side table, documents and drinks can conveniently be placed, enabling a more comfortable workspace.
-17-inch wide-screen LCD touch-panel, the largest in class
-Enjoy movies, music, games and other programs available on our 160 fully-digital channels
-Convenience at a fingertip: Touch-panels can be used not only for entertainment, but also meals and drinks, as well as in-flight shopping
-Equipped with iPod connectors as part of our standard utilities
-Passengers can view their own data, such as slide shows and various digital contents, on our large screens

New services for Economy Class

New seats:
Seating layout: 2-4-3
Seat pitch: 34 inches (approx. 86cm), the widest in class
Personal TV monitor: 10.6-inch monitor (largest in class)
-Delivering comfort never experienced before in Economy Class: Additional 7.5cm from seat in front
-Headrests and footrests: Sliding headrests and footrests, adjustable in three angles, are some of the detailed improvements we've made to increase passenger comfort (*Footrests not available on seats in the first row)
-Fixed back shell: Seats designed to prevent disturbing passengers behind when reclined

New services offered in the two Economy Classes

Luxury utilities
Universal power source for computers, iPod connectors, and USB ports installed in individual seats as standard utilities

"J-Menu"-the new in-flight meals
Introducing a series of original Japanese menus - including ‘donburi' (bowl meals), ‘teishoku' (set-meals), ‘bento' (box meals), and noodles. This is another way ANA does its best cater to customers' needs.

Bedding amenities in the cabin feature Aqua Titan processing technology exclusively developed by Phiten

Other services

Entertainment(available in all classes)
Featuring new AVOD (‘audio video on demand') service in all classes to enhance passengers' enjoyment onboard-- From movies, music, games and other programs available on over 160 channels, to meal orders* and in-flight shopping, everything is just a touch away on our high-grade touch-panel screens
*Meal and drink orders from touch panels starting April 2010
*Meal and drink orders from touch panels are provided in First Class and Business Class

Captivating all five senses(available in all classes)
Our originally blended fragrances of ‘kouya-maki' (black-pine), ‘yoshino-hinoki' (Japanese cypress), mint, rosemary, etc help transport passengers to inspirational moments in the sky, stimulating the five senses and creating a relaxing retreat-like mood and atmosphere.

International Service Site
Short movies introducing our in-flight experience and information on equipment, amenities, and menus for each class are all available on our website, inviting passengers to experience ANA's "Inspiration of Japan" online.

Heated water ‘washlets' in First Class and Business Class
As an airline, we are the first to install warm-water ‘washlets' or bidet-toilets onboard.

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