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‘Kyoto Winter Special 2010’ campaign, Come and immerse yourself in the timeless magic of winter in Kyoto

Bringing you a truly authentic experience of Kyoto, amidst the magic that only winter can offer.

The city of Kyoto will once again this year be hosting the ever popular ‘Kyoto Winter Special’ campaign, introducing you to the little-known wintertime attractions of this magical city. Be sure to make the most of the fantastic sight-seeing opportunities that this website offers, and allow us to be your guide to the unique wonders of winter in Kyoto.

 Savor the austere and tranquil beauty of winter
Above all, its greatest attraction is the sensation of serenity and mystery that the austere winter atmosphere brings to Kyoto and this is the favored time of year for the true connoisseurs of Kyoto. Marvel at the delicate beauty of Japanese gardens and elegant machiya-style houses, unique to Kyoto, all beneath a veil of glistening snow. The bare plants and trees of the flowerless winter scenery also present an unrivalled opportunity to appreciate the distinct Japanese ‘wabi-sabi’ sense of aesthetic, in the sweeping views of the mountainsides, and the bold architectural style of the city’s striking shrines and temples. Kyoto’s wintertime allows you to see all the sights at your leisure, in a relaxed atmosphere that can not be enjoyed in any other season.

Hanatouro', 'Tea Party with Maiko' and 'Restaurant Winter Special': 3 events showcasing the splendor of Kyoto

An ever expanding wealth of opportunities for unique and unforgettable experiences await you in Kyoto, including amongst other captivating winter events, the ‘Hanatouro’ festivities, where Kyoto’s evening scenery is bathed in an enchanting lamplit glow, ‘Tea Party with Maiko’, offering close interactions with maiko, masters of understated conduct and traditional performing arts, and the ‘Restaurant Winter Special’, during which you can enjoy wholesome and visually spectacular cuisine to your heart’s content, all at moderate prices.Furthermore, special offers at every hotel during this period make an economical stay in Kyoto possible.

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