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Hokkaido is distinguished by its breathtaking snow during its long winters, but in spring, the snow melts to reveal lush fields and equally breathtaking scenery. The surrounding cold oceans give it some of the best seafood in Japan, giving us dishes like stuffed squid and seafood bowls that can be washed down with some fabulous Sapporo beer.

Sapporo Ramen
The city of Sapporo
is where you get the
true ramen taste
Various seafood
served over rice,
popular in Hakodate
Genghis Khan
Grilled lamb and
mutton with
Ishikari Nabe
A typical hot pot of
Hokkaido cooked with
every part of the salmon
A ski resort renowned
for its extra light and
bountiful powder snow
Kushiro Marsh
2000 varieties of
animals and plants
thrive in Kushiro
The tallest mountain
in Hokkaido located
in a National Park
Unkai or "Sea of Clouds"
is a dense river of fog
that pours over the cliffs

Tohoku's beauty is a blend of verdant nature, ancient history, and rich culture, located just north of Tokyo. Miyagi is famous for Wanko Soba, a meal served in bite sized bowls as the server stands by to spoon in your refills. Sendai's most famous dish is gyutan, grilled beef tongue bursting with flavor and a unique texture.

Moriaoka Reimen
A fusion dish of cold
noodles created by a
North Korean immigrant
A personal server
stands by your side to
keep filling your dish
A steamed fish cake
named after the bamboo
leaf (Sasa) shape
Enban Gyoza
known for their
extra crispiness
Hirosaki Park
A leading cherry
blossom destination
with 2,600 trees
Nyuto Onen
One of the most
popular hot spring
resorts in Tohoku
Konjikido, built in 1124,
shows the appearance
of Chuson-ji at that time
In Spring, the mountain
is covered with numerous
varieties of flowers

Facing the Sea of Japan, Chubu and Hokuriku are known for long winters and splendid mountains. Chubu boasts one of the most famous brands of beef in Japan, Hida beef, which has tender marbling that bursts with flavor. And in the bustling city of Nagoya, you will find tebasaki, Japanese fried chicken wings.

Mitarashi Dango
Kneaded rice flour
balls on a skewer with
sweet soy sauce
A rice ball
with shrimp
tempura in it
Deep-fried chicken
wing tips, is
popular in Nagoya
Miso Oden
Cooked in broth
with melted
A historical little town
at the foothills of the
picturesque Japanese Alps
Shinhotaka Ropeway
The double-deck
gondola will take you
2,156m above sea level
This tiny village
is famous for its
gassho-zukuri houses
Ukai is an ancient
fishing method practiced
in Gifu for 1,300 years

The futuristic city of Tokyo lies within the Kanto region, acting as both an entryway and center for adventure to travelers from across the globe. With more Michelin starred restaurants than any other city in the world, there is always something to eat in Tokyo. The heart of sushi culture beats in Tokyo's famous Tsukiji Fish Market. Unagi, grilled eel has been one of Japan's most famous dishes since Tokyo was once just a village known as Edo.

Edomae sushi was
established in the 19th
century using fresh seafood
Hitachi aki soba can only
be made using ingredients
grown in this small city in Ibaraki
A hot pot dish simmering thinly sliced beef and other ingredients, and a beaten egg used for dipping
This hot pot
(Ankou-nabe) is a
popular winter dish
Senso-ji Temple
Founded with the
enshrining of a statue of the
Kannon-Bosatsu in 628
Yokohama is Japan's second
largest city and is still
a major trading center
Famous restaurants &
bars among rows of
stylish fashion stores
Founded in 1921 to
enshrine the Emperor
and Empress Meiji

Kansai is not just home to Osaka, known as Japan's kitchen, but home to the famous Kobe Beef. Osaka's busy Dotonbori is home to stands serving takoyaki (octopus dumplings), okonomiyaki (a savory pancake with pork and cabbage), and many other wonderful street foods. Shojin-ryori, Buddhist cuisine, is ideal for vegetarians, with no meat, garlic, onions, or roots.

A kind of savory pancake
that has become Osaka's
best-known dish
A meal originally
created for
Buddhist followers
Tofu in a hot pot
is the best comfort
food for winter
Kobe beef
A Wagyu (Japanese beef) brand
adhering to some of the strictest
standards of lineage and care
World Cultural
Heritage featuring a
shining golden pavilion
Gion District
Maiko walk the
streets lined with
traditional houses
Fushimi Inari
A shrine famous for
its trail of over 5,000
vibrant vermillion torii gates
Osaka Castle
Built in the 16th century
by the hegemon
Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Chugoku sits at the south western tip of Honshu. Just a train ride away from Osaka, Hiroshima has its own unique style of okonomiyaki, as well as an annual oyster festival. Just south of the Chugoku region is Shikoku Island, a hidden gem and the birthplace of Sanuki Udon, now a popular dish throughout Kansai.

Sanuki udon
A style of udon named
after the previous name
of Kagawa Prefecture
Anago-meshi, grilled
sea eel over rice, is
a Miyajima specialty
Hiroshima Oysters
account for half of
the nation's production
Katsuo, or bonito,
is Kochi prefecture's
Awa Odori
Awa Odori is a dance from
Tokushima with over
400 years of history
On Naoshima island,
art is uniquely blended
into the island life
A World Cultural Heritage
Site standing in the sea is a
renowned tourist attraction
The whirlpools of the
Naruto Strait is located on the
northeastern tip of Shikoku

Farther southwest of Honshu is Kyushu and Okinawa, with gorgeous ocean views and some of the freshest food in the world. Cooked in the hot spring's steam, Jigoku Kago Mushi is a dish of chicken, pork, and vegetables found in Kumamoto. Unlike any other noodles in Japan, Okinawa Soba has a uniquely chewy texture and a clear broth, served with vegetables and meat.

Hakata Ramen
Richly flavored white
pork bone soup and
thin straight noodles
A type of sponge cake
with Portuguese origins
and a Nagasaki specialty
Motsu Nabe
Beef motsu (offal) hot pot is
popular, especially among women,
for its vitamins and collagen
Chicken Tempura
Tempura battered fried
chicken served with a
squeeze of local citrus
Kokusai Street
"Miracle Mile" is a
major sightseeing
spot in Okinawa
Mt. Aso
A large crater basin, as well as
the general name for 5 volcanic
peaks, one of which is still active
Ishigaki Island
An island of Okinawa,
featuring beautiful beaches
and thick mangrove forests
Kumamoto Castle
Built by Kato Kiyomasa
at the beginning of
the 17th century
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