Volunteer Guides in Japan

Visiting a foreign country and taking a tour led by friendly, knowledgeable people who delight in sharing their interest and enjoyment of their country’s local history and culture is always a pleasure.

Japan currently has a special volunteer group force called the Systemized Goodwill Guide group, consisting of mainly students, retirees and housewives, all who make it their job to introduce interested visitors to the beauty and culture of Japan through their own experience and love of Japan, with a special local twist. .

SGG tours can be found all over Japan. Some ask tourists to meet at a pre-established location, while others tailor their tours to visitors’ preferences. Visitors may have a chance to enjoy not only the typical scenic spots, but perhaps drop into someone’s house for tea and cookies. This is a wonderful way to meet Japanese locals, and get an in-depth feel to the wonders of Japan.

Since the guides are all volunteers, services are free of charge. It is expected, however that visitors employing the guides’ services will cover certain fees, such as travel expenses, meals, etc. when applicable.

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I found your service wonderful!!

I am a mother and will be coming with my three daughters (20,22,24) to Japan this weekend.

How can we contact or find a volunteer guide to NIkko for July 20th, for Osaka Juky 23rd and for Nara July 27th

my email: tere.abdala@gmail.com    thank you!

Thuan Linh
Thuan Linh

My name is Linh Nguyen, I am planning to visit Japan in Autumn 2016. This is my second time to Japan. First time I had been there for 10 days in April 2012 to admire the cherry blossom, and I am lucky to come at the right time. So I had been in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nara.

Could I contact a volunteer to get start with the plan and saving money, I would like to go up North Hokkaido to see the maple. many thanks for your help.


Marilou Garcia
Marilou Garcia

How do we get a volunteer tour guide? We plan to go to Tokyo on June 01.  We are about 5 people.


hello! i'am interested in your voluntary tour guides. do you have available guides for osaka, kyoto, and nara? we will be visiting osaka in feb2015. it is our first time to go to japan and we could use some help!