Recently I saw an interesting video about two guys on their trip across Japan on the website Japan Quest– Finding the heart and soul of Japan. The excerpt of the video I saw shows both of them on their way from Hakodate, Hokkaido to Oma, Aomori. It reveals interesting points of view, because they attend awesome events, interview people and comment on their impressions. The video starts with the transit from Hokkaido to Aomori by ferry. After their arrival they try to go hitch-hiking, but as it comes to their surprise, no car stops. However, a few minutes later a bus stops and takes them to the Holy Site on MountOsorezan which is rumored in Japanese mythology to be the entrance to hell. Today it is considered one of Japan’s most holy mountains and pilgrimage sites. The mountain is visited by scores of pilgrims who come to pray for the souls of children and other loved ones who are believed to be in a state of limbo.

Further on their way to Aomori City they stop at Lake Usoriko where one of the guys comment it as the most beautiful place in Japan he has ever been to. Just arrived in Aomori City they participate in a Nebuta Festival. The video shows a colorful festival where people jump and dance endlessly and shout “rassera rassera rasse rasse rassera” which phrase has no exact meaning. It seems to me like a fun and impressive event. The guys claim it to be a “fantastic and amazing festival”. The last section of the video shows the guys interviewing Japanese people as well as foreigners. I noticed that the foreigners from the US had a lot of fun and were amazed by this expressive festival while shouting “rassera rassera rasse rasse rassera!”

It was interesting to see how foreigners get along in Japan and their impressions and opinions at the time they were traveling. If you are interested, visit the website and watch the videos. The guys are still on the go, check out their video.

Tanja S.