Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) is excited to contribute to a free New York City magazine, Chopsticks. In the September issue, JNTO’s editorial piece made a debut, featuring a winter tourism campaign in Kyoto. The campaign is very cool – they will exhibit some of the historic and very important art pieces and architecture, which are usually closed for preservation. Well, get a copy of the magazine to read more about the campaign, but we strongly hope to reach as many New Yorkers as we can and let them know about Japan tourism.


This is part of our Japan promotional campaign in the country, and JNTO always feature seasonal travel information with high quality photographs since last year. Do check out the visual pieces as well… JNTO is confident to be the right information sources for those who are interested in Japan, and being in New York City, Chopsticks magazine is the right local place we contribute to.

This magazine is relatively new, but the copies are available at several locates in the greater New York area – not only Japanese restaurants but also general grocery stores like Food Emporium and Gristedes. For those who are not in New York City, find our editorial on-line at http://www.chopsticksny.com.

We will be in three more issues of this magazine – don’t miss it!

N. Akashi