tori-gate.jpgMy husband and I traveled to Japan for 2 weeks in May 2011. We had our trip planned since October of 2010, before the devastating tsunami and earthquake. We had many, many people tell us it wasn’t safe to travel to Japan and people couldn’t believe we were comfortable still traveling to Japan. We had no reservations at all and were very excited about our trip. There was nothing about our trip that was disappointing, except for we couldn’t stay longer. Your country is beautiful!!!! From the scenery, to the culture and to the lovely, lovely people. Our 1st stop was in Kyoto at the Shiraume Ryokan and that couldn’t have been a more spectacular welcome to your country. From there we traveled many places, Nara, Hiroshima, Sasebo, Mt. Fuji and Tokyo. Everywhere we went we were greeted with beautiful welcomes. From our hostess at the Ryokan, to our great taxi driver in Sasebo (he didn’t speak English, but as long as we said left, right or straight he took us where we wanted to go), to the wonderful lady in the train station who offered her help because we looked confused, the WONDERFUL 6th grade children from Daido Elementary School, Mr. Akio Nagashima’s class, that interviewed us and brought tears to our eyes, to the fantastic cast members at Tokyo Disney & Tokyo Sea. There just aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful and safe we felt in your country. We have traveled many places in the world and there are places we choose never to return and places that are on our “do-over” list. After 1 day in Japan, we knew this was a “do-over”.


Thank you to your country for the beautiful hospitality and wonderful memories. Our wish of peace for your country is that tourism will once again prevail and that people will experience what we did.

David & Linda Hogan