Carla Constantino

Although not my first time in Japan, I found the country to be just as intriguing and interesting as my previous visits. It is a place where you feel welcome while experiencing sites different and unique to anywhere in the world. The Japanese people have a natural attitude about being polite and respectful. There was never a situation when a question or need was not considered important. Their motto might be: “service with a smile” and in Japan, the smile is real.


Mominoki Hotel (Host Hotel): The Mominoki is a family owned medium size hotel and would suit most tripper’s needs. The lobby is inviting and the onsens with their outside garden area are the most inviting. Rooms were good size and bathrooms adequate. The general warm feel of the hotel in the lobby, bar area, restaurants, and gift shop make this an excellent choice.

Tokyu Hotel: Take the Mominoki up a step or two and you have the Tokyu. It is a much larger hotel so everything is bigger, rooms, lobby, restaurants, bars, and most important, bigger bathrooms. This hotel has a more upscale feeling but not quite the warm ambiance as the Mominoki. For people wanting more space or a more western style hotel, this is their best choice.

La Neige: Combine the cozy, friendly atmosphere of the Mominoki and then add the refinement and 5-star quality of the Tokyu and you have La Neige. Rooms are impeccably decorated in every detail. Bathrooms are palatial. The restaurant oozes first class all the way. It is sort of hotel where you do not care about leaving, just being there is almost enough.

Fun photos in Japan



Submitted By: Carla Constantino, President, Space Coast Ski Club