I’ve been learning a lot about Japan since I began working here at JNTO. Before working here I knew very little about the country, and I have since learn many fascinating things about Japanese culture. Recently, I got to put together a presentation called Why Japan Now?, which encapsulates all of the wonderful things I have learned about Japan in the last couple of months I had lots of help from everybody around the office with the content and format of the presentation. The content is geared towards those in the meetings and incentives, but I believe that most of the information is useful to anybody who wants to learn more about Japan.


In putting together the content for this presentation I got to view many beautiful images of Japan, many of which can be found in our Tourist Photo Library. Here is one that I particularly liked. It is of the Lake Suwa Fireworks Festival in Nagano, which takes place at the end of the summer. I also got to find out many more interesting things about Japan while researching for the presentation. For instance, I found out Japan stretches from as far north as Montreal to as far south as Cancun. I also got learn many fascinating things about Japanese culture. If you would like a copy of the presentation, please email me at

We have been sending the presentation out for a few weeks, and I recently got to present it at a seminar that we held in conjunction with JAL. The event was held at the Kitano Hotel, which was a beautiful venue. There was a cocktail hour to start the event and then presentations by JNTO, JAL, JAL/PAK and Niigata Sake Selections. This was followed by a sake tasting courtesy of Niigata Sake Selections and a buffet dinner. The night ended with a performance by Ms. Mari Mihashi, an Ukiyoe artist who completed a painting for the seminar guests. A good time was had by all. I’ll send you off with a picture of the view from the terrace of the hotel after the event.

Eric S.
JNTO New York Office